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final stretch

WHAAT the hell. Goddamn 48 degrees today. FORTY-EIGHT. I cannot even begin to describe what work was like today. I wanted to kill myself. I seriously thought I would pass out on several occasions. Tomorrow is going to be almost as hot, but with thunderstorms...so maybe it won't be as horrendous. Wishful thinking? I dunno. Fuck.

However, I have less than two weeks of work. My last day is the 13th, after which I have three weeks to relax, see my friend, pack, get organized, etc. before leaving for Halifax. Sometimes I wonder whether I should work a bit longer and give myself less time before heading off...and then I live through a day like today. There's no way. I need to get out of there as soon as possibe. And I also need as much time as I can get before school starts. I have too much to do. I'm also physically and mentally exhausted. And my parents are going away for the last two weeks of August, so if I want them to help me with anything (shopping, packing, etc.) I need to do that before they leave. So it makes sense. An extra paycheque would be nice, but not worth the hell I'd have to go through to get it.

Also, I have the upcoming long weekend off! My first weekend off ALL SUMMER, believe it or not. I'm the only person at work who hasn't had a weekend off. I won't get into that. The important thing is that I have this one off. High school friends are talking about a day trip to Wasaga Beach, which could be fun. We shall see. Maybe I can start enjoying my summer now.
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