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the_mehitabel's Journal

13 December
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absolutely fabulous, alfred hitchcock, alice munro, amy winehouse, amélie, antonio carlos jobim, architecture, arrested development, art, art deco, astrud gilberto, audrey hepburn, autumn, baths, billie holiday, blues, board games, bob dylan, books, bookstores, bubble tea, canadiana, carmen mccrae, cats, cbc radio, cereal, chocolate, coffee, coffee shops, coronation street, cross stitch, crossword puzzles, curb your enthusiasm, damien rice, dave matthews, david gray, david usher, desperate housewives, driving, dylan thomas, e.e. cummings, e.m. forster, eating out, ella fitzgerald, emile zola, ernest hemingway, erte, ewan mcgregor, f.scott fitzgerald, fiona apple, flip flops, francoise sagan, fred & ginger, free cell, garden state, gavin degraw, gustav klimt, gustave flaubert, hawksley workman, hilton head, history, hockey, howie day, ice cream, j.d. salinger, james blunt, japanese food, jason mraz, jazz, jeff buckley, john coltrane, john cusack, john mayer, john steinbeck, johnny depp, jon stewart, lattes, law and order, leonard cohen, letters, libraries, liverpool, liverpool football club, london, manchester, michael moore, miles davis, modernism, morgana king, movies, musicals, my bed, naomi klein, ndp, new orleans, newspapers, ngos, nina simone, noodles, nostalgia, old movies, organic food, our lady peace, paris, postcards, rainy days, reading, robert doisneau, running, san francisco, sangria, sarah vaughan, sarcasm, scrubs, seinfeld, sex and the city, skiing, small towns, snl, socks, solitaire, soul, soy milk, stan getz, steinlen, summer, sushi, swimming, tea, thai food, the beatles, the countryside, the globe and mail, the golden girls, the ocean, the office, the postal service, the sixties, theatre, tim hortons, tlc, toronto maple leafs, travel, virginia woolf, volunteering, wales, wine, woody allen, yoga, zach braff