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new year, fresh start

So, it's the last day of 2007 and I thought it would be an appropriate time to return to the land of livejournal. I can't emphasize how happy I am that this year is over. Overall, it's been a pretty shitty year. While the beginning wasn't too bad--I actually had a lot of fun, come to think of it--the summer was tedious and rather depressing and the last four months were far too drama-filled for my liking. They were confusing, frustrating, and extremely self-destructive. Although starting a new program was exciting, and I've met a few great new people, I also put myself through a lot of unnecessary shit, and it was pretty emotionally damaging. It's my own fault, of course, but I guess I didn't really understand the gravity of what was happening at the time. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. Anyway, I'm glad it's over, and I kind of feel like I've come through this crazy time and emerged a completely different person. I guess I've learned alot, and I'm ready to make a fresh start this year. No more bullshit, no more drama. I wish I could erase the last four months from my memory, but at this point all I can do is make a big change and simplify my life. I'm getting my shit together. The last four months have made me feel horrible about myself, and I can't let that go on. New year, new me. As trite as that sounds.

I've been home for three weeks now, and it's been great. Exactly what I needed. I spent the first week writing an ecological economics essay, but once that was done I had two weeks of much-needed R&R. Turned 25, went out with my friends to celebrate, got a massage, went to see the stage version of White Christmas, went for lots of winter walks, baked cookies, had a nice Christmas with my family, went to the movies several times. But my days have mostly been spent reading, watching DVDs, sewing, going to the gym and lying around doing nothing. I love it. I went to Deeja's today and spent the afternoon with her and Aliyah, and it was great. Aliyah's so much bigger than when I last saw her, and she talks nonstop. It was so much fun to see her. And the new baby is due in a month, so that's pretty exciting as well. Craziness. My break is almost over now...I leave in a week, and I'm realizing I have so much to do before then. I have a lot of people to see and a lot of Christmas money to spend, and I want to spend it here since the shopping is a million times better than in Halifax. My, how times flies. I'll be a little sad for the break to end, but mostly I'm excited to go back. I've had a lot of time to relax and recharge my batteries, and I'm almost ready to get back into school mode. I've also had a lot of time to reflect, mostly about all the crap that went on last semester, and I guess I've gained perspective on the whole thing. Hence the resolution to get my act together. I guess I've finally come to terms with everything that happened, and although it still makes me sad, I think I'm finally at peace with it. So...bring it on. Bring on 2008. I'm ready for you.
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