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And the summer begins

I'm getting used to being back at the zoo. It's okay. Some days are better than others, but I don't feel like quitting as much as I did a couple of weeks ago. It helps that Cassie had a party over the long weekend, which I think really kick-started the Summer of Zoomo. It was fun and kind of crazy, as are most zoo parties. It involved drinking games, salad bowls being worn as hats, fireworks (what's Victoria Day without fireworks?) and the use of a straightening iron on Mike's hair. Good times.

But hello, it's HOT. Why is it 41 degrees in May? Forty-one. Ummm? I guess it's almost June, but still. Today was torture. I won't even get started on the joys of farmer's tans and bum sweat. Ick.

I'm off Wednesday and Thursday, though, so there's that. And work people are supposed to go out Thursday night, which whould be fun. And Karen is coming to visit this weekend!!! I asked for Sunday and Monday off, so we're going to shop and sightsee and have a grand old time of it. Haven't seen her since New Year's in Winnipeg, so I'm veeeeery excited.

I also found out where I'll be living in Halifax in September, although I don't know anything about my roommates. We shall see.

AND, Montreal is going to happen sometime in the near future. Probably in late June or early July, if I can get a few days off. I am long overdue for a visit. Who would've thought I'd miss it so much?

So good stuff all around (mostly). If I could only control the weather. And the throngs of people who decide to spend a day at the zoo and make life miserable for us. Ohhh well.
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