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Sundays aren't so bad

It's sooo beautiful out.

Went out to the Green Room last night with Clara, Shevonne, Justin and a crapload of Justin's friends to celebrate his birthday. Fun times, although we didn't end up going anywhere else afterwards, which was the original plan. Drank some really weak sangria, which made me miss Montreal. More. Again. Yeah...who would've though? I MISS IT.

When we left the bar, Clara and I split off from the others to get a cab, and these two Mexican guys latched onto us and tried to get us to go to a party with them. It was really funny. I said we were going home to bed, and they were like "can we come with you?". Then they went on about how it was their last week in the city and they wanted to have a good time. I told them they were barking up the wrong tree and that they should be hanging out outside the Brunnie trying ot pick up all the drunk 19-year-old U of T students. One of the guys kept saying "don't you want to have to have fun?" or something along those lines, and I was like "we're old and tired", which wasn't exactly what I'd meant to say. But I guess it's kind of true. And it made us laugh even harder.

Slept over at Clara's and this morning we had brunch at this very cool place called Aunties and Uncles. So cute. Fifties-style decor, really cozy, good food.

Drove my dad to the airport this afternoon, as he is going to visit my grandpa in Paris.

Now I'm going to eat some dinner, watch Desperate Housewives, read more of The Year of Magical Thinking (very good so far) and go to bed early. Sounds like a plan.
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